SensoryCo. has been providing scenting and other atmospheric special effects for immersive entertainment, simulation, and training environments since the organization’s establishment in 2011 as an independent spinoff of Koolfog, Inc. (est 1987). Using proprietary scenting systems / aroma generators, and spray technologies (spritzers, misting systems), the SensoryCo. team delivers authentic stimulants to engage the senses. Scents, visual, and tactile queues such as mist, rain, haze, water and wind as well as smoke, fog, vapors provide for a real, unforgettable experience. SensoryCo. collaborates with creative designers, architects, and subject matter experts in focused market segments within the realm of experiential (4D) or training and simulation (TS). Demonstrating unsurpassed experience, quality delivery and impeccable service, SensoryCo. is a trusted brand featured in experiential installations and training & simulation around the world. For more information please visit